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Best Whistler Elopement Company – Why Hiring us may be your best & easiest decision


You’ve decided to get married in Whistler. The thought of a large wedding is not really the right fit for you, but a Whistler Elopement Adventure has peaked your curiosity?

So, you have heard about us, found us on google, a venue or a friend recommended us! 

Regardless…welcome and brilliant decision, well done you!  

So, you want to make the best decisions, keep your stress low and try to have as much of a chance for your dream elopement as possible?  Most people think that an elopement is a simplified version of a traditional wedding.  With that said, there will come a time in your research, when you realize that there are still some key elements to secure, logistics to look into, and quite a few choices out there.

Chances are you do not reside here, and it could come in handy to have a small team of local experts help guide you through your decision making, to ensure your elopement is as good as you imagined.

So why on earth would you need to hire a company to help you elope?

It turns out Whistler has a lot to offer, but with that comes insider knowledge, and experience that has been priceless for past couples, such as, and not limited to, logistics, permits, weather, and partnerships, not to mention knowing how to navigate the very different seasons here, and options.  There are a ton of elements that, from our past collective experiences, we have seen succeed and others we have learned from. However, the real question is: what sets us apart and why should we be your chosen Team, The Whistler Elopement Company, as your one stop shop for your Whistler Elopement?

Ready to dive in?  We’ll keep it short and sweet and to the point.

The Whistler Elopement Company Wedding Couple Exchanging vows

1- How hiring us will save you time & money…and stress 

We live in a digital age where communication is key.  By having a dedicated company look after all elements of your elopement, it simplifies first and foremost, the time and stress of our couples but it also helps streamline the role of all other vendors. In return, this ensures everyone involved is on the same page, staying efficient, and limiting the back and forth with various vendors. 

What’s the catch?

Actually there is none. Simply put, we offer specific services with customizable options, and we pride ourselves in keeping a closed circuit. This means that we only work with our carefully selected preferred vendors with whom we have agreement for a set fee and a set service.  This keeps our rates competitive, but more importantly it is our assurance for consistency, predictability and a high quality service in all areas.  In other words, what you see is what you get.  Everything we showcase on our website and our social platforms are real clients, real elopements captured by our team of vendors, always.

Indian Wedding Couple The Whistler Elopement Company Helicopter Mountain Winter

2. So Why The Whistler Elopement Company

What’s your experience?

This all began with an idea and a growing demand from our couples.
 Rachael, owner and founder at Sea to Sky Celebrations (S2SC), a thriving wedding and event planning company since 2006, started noticing clients searching for a more intimate celebration, micro weddings and elopements.  After careful consideration, The Whistler Elopement Company was created in 2019 as the sister company to the S2SC to specifically help, and cater to couples, looking for a small wedding or elopement service in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What sets you apart?

Deciding on who will help you achieve your dream elopement, and keep the experience stress free, and enjoyable is of utmost importance.  The Whistler Elopement Company prides itself in the specific skills of its team members.  Everyone is hired for their very own unique talent.  In other words, no one is on double duty, your photographer is solely focusing on capturing the very best images, while your planner takes care of the organization and so on.  This results in having the very best in each service you will require. From our carefully selected team of local experienced vendors, 

The Whistler Elopement Company has you covered. Our team includes a dedicated and very experienced wedding planner (read more about Rachael), a photographer, videographers, officiants, hair & makeup professionals, as well as an expert florist, all with years of running their own successful businesses, in addition to being full time residents of our beautiful region.
We also believe that transparency is of the utmost importance, and unlike others, our pricing and package details are fully available online, there are no hidden costs, and you can customize your own elopement through our online booking system! 

And just for extra security, we are an accredited and recognized business through the Better Business Bureau.

Our team not only makes for a seamless collaboration but dare we say, a whole lot of fun and passion every time we work together.

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from our past couples…

Client Love

Everyone on the team, especially Rachael herself, truly went above and beyond to make our day absolutely perfect for us.

“My groom and I truly cannot say enough great things about Rachael and this incredible company. We couldn’t believe how completely stress-free our elopement was, despite it being in another country and having never met any of these wonderful people prior. Rachael was continually communicative, thorough, patient, kind, and organized throughout the entire process. Rachael and the wedding celebrant, Linda McGaw, even went above & beyond to set up a RCMP officer to pin my groom’s boutonniere in place of his fallen best man, who we lost in the line of duty in 2014. That is just the type of people they are. Absolutely incredible.”

– Kelsey + Matt

“We LOVED our wedding!

We chose “The Heli” package, which was a truly unforgettable experience. Rachael and her team (celebrant, photographer, videographer, florist, and pilots) were all incredible and welcoming. They were all very communicative and responsive, and made the entire process stress-free. Rachael even went out of her way to find us a beautiful wedding cake topper, which we will cherish forever as a memory of our special day. We strongly recommend the Whistler Elopement Company for an easy, personalized and intimate wedding.”

– Johnnatan + Gabriel

Whistler Mountain Wedding Couple Skiing

Locals Vendors, Local Knowledge, Supporting Local Economy

Is there anything better than enjoying and benefiting from the knowledge  and experience of local residents?  They will be able to guide you as to where is the best location for photos, what happens if the weather turns, the rules and regulations for your marriage license, flowers that are in season and they’re strong enough to ski you to your outdoor winter ceremony- and the list goes on.  They may even have a few recommendations of “must-do’s” and “must sees” while you’re on your holidays!  
Plus these are all hard working entrepreneurs following their passion while being outstanding ambassadors for our amazing region.

Read more about our Leave no Trace initiative so you can be confident in the many steps taken to ensure that we operate in harmony with our fragile environment.

Click here to meet the team and feel free to go checkout their respective business.  

We love them, and consider them the very best in their fields of expertise.

The Whistler Elopement Company - Wedding Couple on Whistler Mountain Gondola

3.Team work makes the dream work

The consistency we witnessed from working so often with the same team members comes with the added benefit of establishing an amazing teamwork, that at times, feels like you’ve just stepped into a gathering of long lost friends.  A unique setting, in which the collaboration from each other’s passion, elevates the collective desire to deliver an outstanding service.  We feel tremendously blessed to have them on board.

Anything is possible when you have a dream team helping you and planning ahead of time to provide you with the best experience. 

Look around, google it, there are other choices out there but, no one has the same level of experience and dedicated team of specialized vendors?

So you are sold on the idea of an Elopement for you but would like to feel prepared?  Here are 5 tips for your Whistler Elopement.

With love,

Rachael & TWEC team

Did we forget anything? Let us know & Reach out!

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