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Top 10 Questions About Whistler Elopements Answered

The definition of what it means to “elope” has shifted considerably over the last few years. Eloping used to mean running off at the last minute to get married by Elvis in Vegas, and while some people still do this, the majority of elopements are anything but spur of the moment. They’re typically planned well in advance, super intentional, and so much more of an experience than just signing papers at the courthouse.

This is especially true of elopements in Whistler! These things are rarely thrown together at the last minute (although we totally can and have rocked the last minute ones too!) – they’re often highly planned (usually by a wedding team, hint us!) to maximize the couple’s time, the gorgeous scenery, light for photos, hair and makeup, and most importantly, the experience of the couple!

Over the years, we have helped so many couples with their own unique Whistler elopements. Due to the high demand and the desire for creating these unique experiences for couples that come to us from all over the world, we figured that they had a separate need of their own. SO, we created The Whistler Elopement Company as a little sister company to our main Sea to Sky Celebrations Wedding planning Co precisely for elopements and for couples to truly find their home with us!

Having started the elopement collections in Whistler years ago, we’ve had our fair share of common questions from our couples and we often get the same questions over and over – from couples, from friends, from random strangers on the internet – and we wanted to take a minute to answer some of the most common ones!

So here you go! Answers to the 10 questions we get most commonly asked about elopements!

1. What is an elopement anyway?

If you’re planning in advance, is it an elopement? If you’re bringing guests, is it an elopement? If you’re hiring vendors, is it an elopement? … We hear some version of this ALL THE TIME and our answer is always … “Does it really matter?”.

For us elopements are really, simply, super intimate weddings – sometimes with no guests at all. If your intention is to have a beautiful intimate wedding then this is it.

2. How far in advance do you start planning an elopement?

That varies wildly from couple to couple. We’ve booked elopements more than a year out and less than a week out. Typically most of my couples have NO idea what they want to do or where they want to go for their Whistler adventure elopement and we’ve spent a ton of time (more on that later) crafting various options for their perfect day.

Whistler Elopement

3. Do we need an officiant / witnesses / etc.?

The answer is, we’ve got you. In our province of British Columbia you will need your marriage license, two witnesses and an officiant.  We provide it all, and if you have guests, they can of course be your witnesses if you prefer.  We’ve been witnesses to many couples and we only ask that you promise in return to come back and visit on one of your wedding anniversaries! ( Kidding but please use us as an excuse anytime to come on holidays to Whistler). You can rest assured that we will help you acquire your marriage license and help you with everything else.

4. What about if we are coming from a foreign country?

The advice we give to any couple planning an international elopement is to do all the research regarding what your country requires ahead of time.  Most of our couples are from out of the country so you can also ask us as chances are we either know the answer or can find out pretty quickly.

Whistler Elopement

5. How do you hike or get married outside with a wedding dress?

We get asked this one by most of our brides and it is a SUPER valid question. Every bride will have her own taste and vision on what her wedding dress should look like.  Generally it goes without saying that style does not need to be compromised.  You will want to bring a pair of comfy shoes so that you can easily go from point A to B faster than being in your heels!  Fear not, your gorgeous heels will still be needed for those gorgeous photos.  A warm layer under and over can also often be useful in the cooler months for those winter snowy backgrounds.  We also make sure to bring a few extra blankets to keep everyone warm. We’ve also been called pretty good sherpas on more than one occasion to help carry bouquets and extra bags- including skiing with them!

Whistler Elopement

6. We want to do an elopement but don’t know what the weather will be like?

We hear you.  Big or small, the weather is always  one of those elements we would all like to control for our wedding day.  The good thing is that we’ve got your back.  We will always have a plan A, plan B and, yup, plan C to make sure that regardless of what mother nature decides to do, your elopement wedding will be stunning, intimate and unique.  There are so many options and each member of our team has worked time and time again together in all the various settings which offers peace of mind for you.

Whistler Elopement

7. Why do you offer a one stop shop approach for your elopements? Can’t I just hire my own separate vendors?

Give us a call and tell us what you have in mind.  Let us explain the core values behind The Whistler Elopement Company; for the past 9 years being asked to create and help couples with their elopements and intimate wedding celebrations, we have come to learn a lot about our values, the quality of service we wish to offer to our couples and the ease that comes with collaborating with like minded vendors.  We have had so much fun, praise and testimonials from couples regarding the dynamics of our favorite vendors that it just became effortless to gather all of them together and keep repeating the positive experiences.  Plus by working together often, we also  bring an added safety and predictability for our enquiring couples knowing that what they see advertised is indeed created by the local talent within our team.

An important element for you, as well, is benefiting from our “all-inclusive” packages which groups all the main services required into a better price point for the quality received than hiring all vendors separately, yup we make you save time and money and stress, you’re welcome.

8. Can we still get hair and makeup done and some getting ready shots if we are eloping? Will my hair and makeup person know how to prepare having everything fixed for an ideal outside look regardless of the elements? Even if we decide on a sunrise elopement or brunch?

YES, YES AND YES! We cannot express enough the benefit of having your hair and makeup professional done on your wedding day, which is why we offer our favorite vendors for that outdoor glow look to be flawless and stay flawless throughout the day.  Living in Whistler, it sets the tone for epic backgrounds and amazing lighting opportunities- we are ready!  Just because you are planning an elopement of just you two or a few guests at your wedding doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal!

Whistler Elopement

9. Is my family going to understand if I elope?

Honestly, we can’t answer that. It’s been our experience that for whatever the reasons, values or circumstance for the decision to elope, couples always seem to have the most supportive families. In the past few months, we have all seen how even with imposed distancing, our close ones remain close and we are able to share special moments in different ways.  Many will decide to have a larger reception or a BBQ as a separate event later in the year to celebrate with a larger group afterwards. We are fortunate to live in a time where there is no right or wrong as long as it feels right for you both.

As a little gift, we are proud to offer free live streaming of your ceremony with all our videography services for our 2020 and 2021 couples.

10. Wow, this is a lot to take in but you’ve got me excited. Where do I even start planning one of these things?

We highly recommend reaching out to us to learn a bit more about ideas, options and tips and tricks.  Plus there is a ton of info on our website as well as a custom planning section for all you go getters out there.  We’ll talk you through the process so that you can envision if an elopement or intimate wedding is right for you.  Our job is SO much more then showing up to help you on the day of.  It is highly recommended to bring in a pro in EARLY in the process to help with the planning. It will save you time and make this a smooth stress free exciting adventure.

Our love for romantic elopements and intimate weddings is why we are here to help you. At the Whistler Elopement Company, we strongly believe that love is love is love and that an intimate celebration still deserves big dreams!

We aim to provide a stress-free, all inclusive high-end elopement service for an optimal client experience. Helping you plan and manage a beautiful and enchanting celebration that will be simply unforgettable.

Have we missed anything? Wish to find out more? Get in touch anytime.

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