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  • How hiring The Whistler Elopement Company will save you time & money…and stress? We live in a digital age where communication is key. By having a dedicated company look after all elements of your elopement, it simplifies first and foremost, the time and stress of our couples but it also helps streamline the role of all other vendors. In return, this ensures everyone involved is on the same page, staying efficient, and limiting the back and forth with various vendors

  • So, you have found Whistler! You googled it, you have heard about it or you have a long love story with it. Regardless…welcome and brilliant decision, well done you! We will get along just fine because Whistler represents everything we love- the outdoors, diversity, inclusiveness, adventure, and like-minded folks that all value the beautiful land that we feel privileged to call home while we are on this fragile little planet.

  • First Responders Whistler Elopement Giveaway. The Whistler Elopement Company decided to give away an all-inclusive elopement package to a couple that had their wedding affected by Covid and were essential workers/First Responders.

  • Having started the elopement collections in Whistler years ago, we’ve had our fair share of common questions from our couples and we often get the same questions over and over – from couples, from friends, from random strangers on the internet – and we wanted to take a minute to answer some of the most common ones! So here you go! Answers to the 10 questions we get most commonly asked about elopements!