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The Business & Money Stuff

How long have you been doing elopements and planning weddings?

We began planning weddings and elopements under Sea to Sky Celebrations in 2006. In 2014 we noticed that lots of people were asking about elopements and if we had packages. So Rachael decided to create packages that reflected the most desired type of Whistler-style elopement weddings and The Valley, The Helicopter Adventure & The Mountaintop  were born. Fast forward to 2019 and the demand has led her to redesign the packages to include the most desired details and options for clients to customize them easily for their own unique experiences as well as to have their very own WEBSITE!

How many elopements do you do a month?

It depends on the time of year and how much availability we have with our other wedding obligations. As our main goal is to provide each client with outstanding service and the best stress-free wedding planning experience, we have our availability calendar online here.

I see other companies offering elopement services, how do I know which one to book and why should it be you?

Whistler has some great local talent and you’ll get to meet our faves. Rachael’s sole focus has been as a planner, that is what she does and all she does on your wedding day. Each vendor on your wedding day is the very best at what they do. Over the years, we have developed a seamless flow and ease in our collaboration and communication. Plus we’ve done our homework, we know that our services are the very best value for your investment.

Can I modify one of your all-Inclusive services?

Absolutely! We have lots of optional items that you can add to each package or take out of each package. We’ve included the details that are the most popular from our years of experience and customer feedback but you also have the option to tailor your package to you!

Do I have to select my vendors?

Rest assured we’ve got your back and we select your vendors for you based on availability! The Whistler Elopement Company has carefully selected our principal team, the best of the best, based on having the same core values and many years of working together. Our team has a seamless flow in our collaboration and communication which is essential for a perfect wedding experience.

So can I bring my own Officiant or Photographer or what if I want to choose a vendor that isn't on your team?

Our team has a seamless flow in our collaboration and communication which is essential for the perfect wedding experience that we want to provide you. Therefore, The Whistler Elopement Company only works with the team members listed above and you can find out more about them here on our website.

If I book an all-Inclusive service what additional fees can I expect?

None from us, that is exactly why we created these packages, stress-free, exclusive and providing you with the best vendors in Whistler.

The only additional expenses you can expect are accommodation, your dinner and transportation costs. However these are not booked through us.

How much notice do you need to book?

While having more time to organize your special day is ideal, we can make things happen with 24 hours notice if that’s what it takes!

We do recommend booking with enough notice that you can truly relax and make any decisions for your special day that you need to in advance.

What if I have more than 10 guests?

Contact us and let’s see if we can accommodate you or if need be redirect you to our sister company Sea to Sky Celebrations for larger weddings.

Is it our responsibility to obtain a marriage license prior to our wedding?

Yes. In order to be legally married you must obtain a marriage license in BC. As your wedding planner we are not able to do this for you as the applicant must be one of the couple getting married. You can get your license in Whistler at Municipal Hall and it would be our pleasure to escort you there. The cost of the license is $100 and they take all forms of payment.

A marriage license may be obtained up to 90 days before the wedding date or on the wedding date itself in BC.

How much of a deposit do I have to put down for The Whistler Elopement Company’s services?

The deposit requirement is 50% of your total service package.

If you book online and make a $1000 deposit to secure your date, we will send you out your contract with the remaining deposit amount due within 30 days of signing your contract.

Your final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

What if I book my package and then want to change some of the items or I find that I have more guests?

We’re flexible. If your needs change, we can easily adjust your package for you before your final payment is due.

The Fun Stuff

If we decide to ski or board on the mountain for our elopement will our photographer and planner be able to follow us?

You bet we will! Our team are highly qualified in the skiing department. From our photographer who is a former Olympian Freestyle Skier to our Planner who is a former ski instructor, we have you covered. Our entire team are expert skiers – hey we live in Whistler for a reason!

What kind of footwear and clothing do I need for my Whistler wedding?

You should be prepared in all seasons with appropriate footwear and clothing. In the winter we recommend snow boots and having a warm jacket to put over your dress or suit especially for when you’re off getting those awesome outdoor snowy photos. Gloves and hand-warmers are also highly recommended. Regular shoes can be dangerous and slippery in the winter here so we advice to keep those for wearing indoors only.

In the summer it can also be cool on our mountaintops so we recommend that you come prepared with a jacket and also footwear that your can easily walk in (change into after the ceremony if you wish) if you’re having a mountaintop wedding or just for heading off the beaten path for those magical Whistler photos!

Sunglasses are also highly recommended for heli, mountaintop or any of the sunny day wedding!

Are there any good tips and tricks specific to having our wedding in Whistler we should know about?

When you book with us, we will send you our VIP booklet which contains all of our most precious info to best prepare you for your Whistler Wedding… a goldmine of information!

What happens if the weather is uncooperative for my outdoor wedding?

We always have a backup plan for each of our elopement options that is clear and discussed with you in advance. Let’s get started!

What does my wedding day schedule look like?

We have sample timelines for every type of wedding and we will provide these to you in our initial welcome information. We are also happy to give you a rundown in an initial consultation phone call or meeting!

What happens when we arrive in Whistler for our wedding?

Most people arrive the day (or two) before their wedding so we like to meet with you in the morning and escort you (we can pick you up too!) to Municipal Hall to get your marriage license. Then we’ll grab a coffee (or other beverage of choice) and go over your timeline for the big day and answer any questions you may have.

How do we select a restaurant for our wedding dinner when we’ve never been to Whistler before?

We provide you with our list of recommended restaurants that we think offer the best dining experience for such a special occasion. Some also have private dining rooms so we can give you the lowdown on those if that interests you as well.

Once you decide on your restaurant of choice and the time you prefer to eat dinner, we book the reservations for you and you receive your $100 gift certificate for your special evening!

How does everything happen and come together on our wedding day?

The first person you will see on your special day will be your Hair and Makeup Stylist if the bride(s) is having this service. The next person to arrive will be your wedding planner who will arrive with the flowers, to help with the dress and then to assist with everything else.

From the time your planner arrives with the flowers until you are dropped off after your photography is completed, they will guide every aspect of the day from telling you what to do and where to be – relax, you don’t have to be responsible for or remember anything, that’s what our team is here for!

What is the Leave No Trace, Center for Outdoor Ethics? Why do you have their badge on your website?

The outdoors and nature is at the center point of all our Elopements, it’s our background, it’s our recreational space, it’s our first love.  We felt compelled &  proud to embrace the values and continue to do our best to follow the ethics and principles of the Leave no Trace community.  After following and passing the course we are proud of the knowledge we have gained and we will continue to strive and do our best by respecting nature and the spaces we are so fortunate to enjoy.  The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Center accomplishes this mission by delivering cutting-edge education and research to millions of people every year. Enjoy your world. Leave No Trace.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together.

What is the BBB? Why are we proud to be an accredited business??

BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau. For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has been helping people find businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. Millions of people turn to BBB each year to view BBB Business Profiles and Charity Reports, all available for free on The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any governmental agency.