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5 tips for your Whistler Elopement


You’ve decided to get married in Whistler. The thought of a traditional wedding is not really the right fit for you but a Whistler Elopement Adventure makes you smile uncontrollably and feels so aligned with what you envision!

So, you have found Whistler! You googled it, you have heard about it or you have a long love story with it. Regardless…welcome and brilliant decision, well done you! We will get along just fine because Whistler represents everything we love- the outdoors, diversity, inclusiveness, adventure, and like-minded folks that all value the beautiful land that we feel privileged to call home while we are on this fragile little planet.

Elopements are what we love and do ALL THE TIME. With that comes great knowledge, expert advice, insider tips and observations to have the BEST WHISTLER ELOPEMENT EXPERIENCE.

Fear not, we’ve got your back and below we will share our TOP 5 TIPS FOR YOUR WHISTLER ELOPEMENT. These are important considerations and other ideas to keep in mind as you prepare for your elopement. Instead of spending time on research and late nights on google, we save you the time, and the stress of planning a destination wedding.

Simply call us Whistler Elopement Experts to the rescue…and be sure to leave a comment or reach out if you need more info on anything, if you have more questions- chances are we’ve got the answers and if not we’ll find them for you.

So here you go! Our 5 tips for your Whistler Elopement!

1. Choose a Season that you love

Are you a Whistler Winter Wonderland kinda dreamer? Or a warm weather spirit? We often refer to Whistler being the BEST PLACE ON EARTH and we mean it. It is absolutely stunning at all times of the year! Because of this, you have choices and we’ve got options. Your first consideration should be: what weather experience are you seeking?


A Whistler Winter Wedding is absolutely magical with our abundant snow, the atmosphere that creates, the exciting energy of the mountains…the possibilities are endless. From a mountain top elopement where you are surrounded by snow, maybe somewhere you can only access by helicopter, or skiing to a remote location to say your vows, to the quiet intimacy of the tall trees and the quiet forest in the valley, the possibilities are endless.

Winter season is what Whistler is famous for and there is a reason why, year after year, we are considered one of the top resort towns in the world.

However, did you know that we are starting to see almost as much interest for our summer attractions as well…

Whistler Elopement Helicopter Wedding - The Whistler Elopement Company

Spring & Summer

It goes without saying that the typical wedding season is traditionally summer, especially for the larger celebrations. Adventure elopements have started to become more and more popular over the past few years, too, and it’s been a thrill for us to be able to offer a variety of elopement options in various locations on these nice warm days. How about a mountain top elopement where you embrace that warm breeze and views for days? A helicopter adventure if you’re still seeking a bit of that leftover snow and the tranquility of empty spaces? Or the easy accessibility to the valley and the lakes all to enjoy the warmer evening stroll in the village afterwards?

Whistler Elopements couple mountain top ceremony- The Whistler Elopement Company


Our silent unsung hero has to be Fall, a truly understated time of immense beauty with colourful leaves, warm days and cool evenings are some of our favorite moments. The town quiets down and a peaceful, slow pace takes place.

What Season are you?

Whistler Elopements Bride and Groom Fall Wedding - The Whistler Elopement Company

2. Plan to dress accordingly

Seems simple enough, right? Well…if these pages could talk! This is where we come to the rescue;

Dress and Wedding Attire:

Over the years, we have seen some spectacular attire, magnificently elegant while also fitting of the environment. A Winter Elopement will require you to have a few more layers than a Summer Wedding. Yes, long johns are highly recommended- and definitely not overrated!


The same goes for footwear (we have been known to instruct our couple to “have their cake and eat it too” by bringing both your fashion choice AND your practical choice). Our photographer, Pascale, a lover of sparkling shoes herself, has become quite the expert at photographing our couples with all their wedding bling, while also allocating time to warm up in between shots to keep those toes, hands (and noses), nice and warm!
Plus, nothing says cool couple more than carrying your white Sorels and Jimmy Choo’s in the same hand!

Whistler Elopements Bride and Groom snowboarding on Mountain - The Whistler Elopement Company

3. Think of your guest

If you are eloping by yourself, the sky’s the limit, it’s your story and you know your own taste. The same is true even if you have a Small Wedding, however, take a moment to access everyone’s mobility and experience. A mountain elopement may sound like a great idea but if you are planning on having limited mobility guests, you may not want to put them on the spot or see them restricted in their experience to enjoy your celebration. Fear not, having a realistic outlook and sharing these details with us will allow us to make suggestions. Maybe you decide on a Valley Elopement for an accessible ceremony location, but we have an opportunity for you and our photographer to zip up the mountain afterwards for some couple photography while your guests stay on firm ground before meeting you again for your reception?

Anything is possible when you have a dream team helping you and planning ahead of time to provide you with the best experience for you and your guests.

Whistler Elopements LGBTQ walking hand in hand mountain- The Whistler Elopement Company

4. Be flexible

Whistler is located in the Sea to Sky Corridor in British Columbia, Canada and we are nestled between the Ocean and the Mountains.

It is dreamy. It is also Mother Nature’s playground.

She is spectacular, and over the years, we have learned to predict accordingly, and are able to plan to provide our couples with the very best experience no matter what. The weather is what makes Whistler such a fantastic destination for skiing and mountain biking in equal measures. It is also an element that requires everyone who wishes to enjoy it, to remain flexible and open-minded.

We know the area inside and out and by putting your trust into us, we promise to provide you the very best and amazing experience! While most of the time Mother Nature allows us to move beautifully with plan A, we have been known to also rock our plan B when needed, at the great pleasure and relief of our couples.

Whistler Elopements elopement ceremony with guest- The Whistler Elopement Company

5. Find your dream team and look at their experience

This last tip goes without saying. Deciding on who will help you achieve your dream elopement and keep the experience stress free and enjoyable is of utmost importance. From our carefully selected team of local experienced vendors, The Whistler Elopement Company has you covered. Our team includes a dedicated and very experienced wedding planner, a photographer, videographers, officiants, hair & makeup professionals, as well as an expert florist, all with years of running their own successful businesses, in addition to being full time residents of our beautiful region.

Our team not only makes for a seamless collaboration but dare we say, a whole lot of fun and passion every time we work together.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our past couples…

Client Love

They took all of the stress out of organizing a wedding and our day was absolutely perfect!

Rachael and her team were beyond amazing. They even accommodated a last minute date change to help us have a better chance of sunny weather so that we could go up in the helicopter, which was so appreciated. Every little detail was accounted for including setting up zoom for our out of town relatives and providing a delicious snack after the ceremony! I can’t thank The Whistler Elopement Company enough for making our wedding day so special. I would highly recommend it if you want a low stress wedding that doesn’t skimp on any of the details! Thank you so much Rachael!

– Rachel + Chris

Rachael and her team were absolutely AMAZING!!

Our elopement was perfect! We felt so well taken care of and I didn’t have to lift a finger! If you’re looking for an awesome experience for an elopement or small wedding these are your people!!

– Shannon + Steve

Thinking about an elopement in Pemberton, Whistler or Squamish but unsure if you really need a planner and their team to help you?  Read this article to better understand how The Whistler Elopement Company can help you and what makes us stand apart.

giphy The Whistler Elopement Company celebrating

With love,

Rachael & TWEC team

Did we forget anything? Let us know & Reach out!

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